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Artificial Sand Making Machine
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Sand is manufactured from "Grit", which is by product of stone crusher.  While crushing, the size below 6 mm is manufactured, which is sieved and separated from the metal. It is not used much in the construction industries. The consumption of the 'grit' is very less compared to the production. Hence, it is available at very cheap rate. The sand plant is specially designed for manufacturing sand from the grit. It is a better utilization of the material.
 1.  Grit required per brass 100 cft. sand is 120 cft @ 200    Rs. 240.00
 2.  Wear and tear of ROTOPACTOR per brass of sand    Rs. 40.00
 3.  Misc. Expenses     Rs. 05.00
 4.  Power charges required per brass of sand=17 units @ 5 per unit
     (on higher side)  
 Rs. 85.00
 5.  Labor charges per brass of sand say Rs. 25.00    Rs. 25.00
     Manufacturing cost (Production Cost) Rs. 395.00

    Add following

 6.  Depreciation on complete plant assuming total expenses in Rs. 70-00       installation, M.S.E.B. power connection civil work etc. is 20,00,000 @ 25 % per       annum, therefore per brass say 70.00

 Rs. 70.00

 7.  Interest on working capital @ 13.0 % per annum Rs. 45-00
     (working capital assumed to be 24,00,000.00)

 Rs. 45.00
 8.  Other exp such as salary of Clark, Phone, stationery etc Say Rs. 15-00  Rs. 15.00
     Total Cost Per Brass of Sand Comes to Rs. 525.00
     If working on two shift basis the cost per brass comes to : Rs. 468.00 
     Hence adding 30% profit selling price may be Rs.683.00 per brass + carting charges. 
     NOTE : This calculations is done assuming 80% efficiency of the machine utilised. All      calculations are for guide line. The production of the machine is a factor of feed size, speed of      the machine (voltage), hardness of the feed material and mainly on H.P. Available. All      information given are in good faith, should not be taken as binding in every respect.
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