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Artificial Sand Making Machine
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VSI Crusher

Minimum manufacturing of Metal is required to overcome the fixed Charges Rs 63,675.00 per Month. Break Even point can be find out by dividing Fixed Expenses by G. profit. (G.P. » averago Soiling Cost manufacturing cost= RsGOO- Rs356). G.P. Comes to Rs 114 per Brass. B.E.P. Comes to 553 brass. Hence per day production should be say 22.5 brass per day to overcome the fixed Expenses.

The Crushing Capacity of the machine is about 50 Tons per hour = 400 Tons per Day = 89 Brass per Day (assuming wt of one brass of metal = 4.5 tons) Out of 89 brass 60% is 20 mm metal = 53 brass and remaining will be grit below 8 mm.

Total crushing 10000 tons per month less for B.E.P. 2516= 7484 Tons. Production of 20 mm metal is about 60% comes to 4490 tons = 1000 brass. This can yield a profit of 1000 X average profit 154( considering loss in grit) = Rs 1,54,000.00. (1000 brass 20 mm metal X 294=2,94,000 less loss due to grit 900X156 = 1,40400 so net profit comes to Rs 1,54,000)

Important Note:

This grit can be converted in Sand can yield a, good profit. Subject to condition 400 Tons must be crushed per day. This can be achieved easily, only the supply of raw material and power supply should be arranged.

An alternative Power supply arrangement, by a generator set of proper capacity, for uninterrupted power supply is recomm ended.

All these calculations and figures are given for guide line, in all good faith, on your request, should not be taken upon us binding in every respect. There may be deviation in the figures, from place to place, material to material. More efficient and profitable system can be achieved by proper and timely maintenance etc.
Install one VSI crusher in series to your present crusher, and increase your production of prime material 3 to 4 times. Get ¾ metal production Upto 60% of the total crushing.

A crusher of 20X12 size or 24X10 size gives production of ¾ in (20mm) metal (35% of total crushing) per day, which comes to say 1500 cft, With addition one VSI Crusher in series, ¾ metal will be increased to 4500 to 6000cft. Per day This also helps in reducing the unwanted crushed product . ( ½ and grit ) So less power charges per brass of prime material.

Results in substantial saving in the cost of Raw Material.

Increase your profit ratio by 40% For more details Contact

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