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Artificial Sand Making Machine
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  Vibrating Compactor :

JK's Vibrating Plate is a compaction unit, designed to compact and smooth out concrete mix and soil filling. It is manufactured in two models. Single Rotar and two Rotars type. High compacting effect is achieved by two eccentric rotars rotating in opposite direction gives compacting force, amplitude and frequency. 
It is suitable for compaction of concrete mix, soil, loose aggregates etc. It can be widely used for leveling and compacting concrete and asphalt surfacing of subroads, foot path and similar work. Jk's Vibrating plate gives a dencer compaction, possibility of placing stiff mixes, lower consumption of cement and lower the cost of jobs. 

Construction :

JK's Vibrating plate consists of sledge with vibrating unit rigidly mounted on it. The frame attached to the Sledge by shock absorbers and engine mounted on the frame. The engine powers the vibrator through V' belt drive. The axles of vibrator are rotated in opposite direction at high speed, thus producing a constant disturbing force. The direction of disturbing force 150 to verticle. Verticle component is utlised for compaction. Due to the horizontal component   self-propulsion is achieved. The machine can be used to compact soil to a depth of 0.3 mtr at resiprocating frequency of upto 6000 per minute with a total disturbing force of 2 Tonnes. The machine can be employed for compaction in a resticted space and can turn around. 
  Conveyor Drums / Conveyor Idlers :
Special Features

  •  For conveyors of all sizes available with Standard Design, Heavy Duty Design.
  •  Given long trouble free services.
  •  Available :
      --  Idlers with Two Rollers / Three Rollers
      --  For 400 mm Belt width upto 1800 mm Belt width
      --  Available for angles for 35o to 55o
  Drier Drum :
  Special Features

  •  For drilling any material and taking out moisture content     from sand, stone or mineral required for further processing.
  •  A continuous process in line.
  •  Available in different capacities.
  •  Available Diesel operated and electrically heated.
  Dust Separator

Special Features

  •  Dust separator & Anti pollution unit.
  •  Can be applied with Stone Crusher and any other units for     reducing the pollution.
  •  Can be supplied with specific requirement.
  Hammer Crusher
Special Features

  •  For crushing minerals and spices from fine to course grade.
  •  A special crushing.
  •  Chamber is provided for efficient crushing and reduces the     power requirement.
  •  Available in 3 models.
    i) 400 mm  ii) 800 mm ii) 1000 mm
  Hoist Winch :
Special Features

  •  Winch for any work for lifting or pulling up to one ton.
  •  Can be used with Builder Hoist.
  •  Available for Different capacities also.
  Semi Automatic Concrete Mixer :
Special Features

  •  All the moving parts are fitted with friction less ball bearing. 
  •  All controls are located on one side making it easy for     operator to handle the machine efficiently.
  •  Mixing drum is supported on solid cast iron cradle-like-yoke     and can be tilted on either side.
  •  Mixing worms are provided Inside the drum, for perfect     mixing.
  •  Control lever gives variable mixing positions. Suitable     discharge height from ground level is maintained.

  •  Hopper operates by hoisting with brake that automatically stops and holds skip.
  •  Power-operated feed hopper has steep angle of 500 to the mixing drum for quick and complete     discharge.
  •  Automatic shaker device assists in discharge.
  •  Low position of hopper provides filling convenience.
  •  Mixer is mounted on sturdy chassis with 4 wheels, Either pneumatic (type-tube) wheels or
    box-type m.s. Wheels can be fitted Locking bolts are provided for stability while in operation.
  •  A draw bar with turn table is provided on front axle.
  •  Power required to run the mixer is 5 HP. Vertical, single-cylinder four stroke diesel engine of 5     HP. 
  •  either water cooled or air-cooled is fitted in a cabin.
  Road Roller

Special Features

  •  Sturdy design with 3 forward and one reverse gear. Big     wheel diameter given good rolling on     Boulders also.     Weight is balance on front and back wheel. So uniform     rolling can be achieved. All gears are manufactured for     special steel given long trouble lift. Available in Two models.
    i) 8 Ton  ii) 10 Ton

  Jaw Crusher
Special Features

  •  Our Stone Crusher are based on Latest Design. Works on     toggle action. It requires very less power
  •  Most economical and efficient machine, compared to all     machines available in the market.
  •  All steel body strong and sturdy construction.
  •  Jaws are made of special steel containing 14% mangenese     gives work hardness up to 600 brinell.
    So they can withstand heavy shocks & excessive wear. Jaws     can be renewed and reversed end to end to ensure longest     possible working life.
  •  Required crushed size can be regulated with great ease to     break the size required, without the aid  of skilled labour.
  •  The shaft is made from high grade high tensile steel bar of 45     tons/Sq. in (40 Cr. 1 Mo 28 Alloy steel).

  •  Eccentric crank is fitted with heavy duty Roller bearings protected against dust, lubricated by
    grease and sufficient cavity for grease storage. Grease nipples are fitted for easy refilling the     grease.
  •  Forced feed action enables the machine to deal with material which can not be handled by other     crushers designed with the jaw stock swing on fixed pivot.
  •  The shaft bearing used in our crushers are the heavy duty anti-friction Double Row self aligning
    Roller bearings fitted with withdrawal sleeves.
  •  Comparison with other CRUSHERS :
    1) H.P. Basis    -    1.66 Time efficient
    2) Cost Basis   -    1.4 Time Cheaper
    3) Fuel Basis   -    1.5 Time economical
  •  Heavy balanced flywheel maintain a normal operating speed and also relieve the prime mover     of excessive strain. The flywheel effect is greatly increased by the high operating speed and by
    the weight concentrated on the rim of Large diameter.
  Specification :
Particulars Model No. 085/5 Model No. 127/15 Model No. 169/20 Model No. 2012/30
   Mouth Size 200 x 100 300 x 175 400 x 255 500 x 300
   * Feed Size Recommonded 1 : 8 1 : 8 1 : 8 1 : 8
   Minimum Jaw Setting 10 mm 10 mm 10 mm 10 mm
   Maximum Jaw Setting 50 mm 50 mm 50 mm 50 mm
   RPM of Crusher 300 rpm 300 rpm 300 rpm 300 rpm
   Output hr. at
   Output / hr. at (rated) 2.0 6.0 8.0 16.0
   Regulator Capacity 60 to 10 mm 60 to 10 mm 60 to 10 mm 60 to 10 mm
   Weight 1550 kgs. 2600 kgs. 3970 kgs. 5150 kgs.
   H. P. Reqd. 8 H. P. 15 H. P. 20 H. P. 30 H. P.
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