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Artificial Sand Making Machine
Costing & Profirability Report
Site Selection

Sand Machine emits fine particle of dust hence the site for this machine should Be in remote area, where no hazard may cause due to dust pollution. The site should be away from residential area and  Agriculture land it is very difficult to control the emission of dust in various processes, and outlets of the machine. The machine should fit in open area. Continuous emission of finer particles of dust from out let, in colloidal state, can be settle down by water spray on the finished sand. The water required per shift is not more than 1500 Liters.

Erection on Site:-While erecting the machine the Customer should make available Gas cutting equipment, Gas, welding M/c., Cable, Holder, Welding Rods, etc. Crane facility should arranged by the customer. The customer during their stay on site should provide the residential facility and food for mechanics.
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