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Artificial Sand Making Machine
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VSI Crusher

          Life is about 20000 tons and Cost is Rs 80,000.00 So the Cost is per ton Rs 4.00 per Ton. Wearing of the anvil depends upon the feed size. More wear for bigger feed, and less wear for smaller feed size. Value is given for below 40 mm feed assorted. It may change with the density of the stone, More density means more wearing. It may vary about 30% plus or minus as per density of the stone.

      Other items such as feed tube, top liner plate, etc cost is very negligible and it have much more life. Due to it's special design there is no wear of the feed tube. Cost of Feed tube and assembly is Rs 6,000.00. It have Very less Wearing Say negligible, and feed guide ring is Rs 1200.00. A special design of feed tube develops stone lining so no wear.

      Thus the total wear cost will be about Rs 3+ 1.39 + 4.00= Rs 8.39 per ton . Say Rs 9.00 per ton. Considering 30 % more for hard and abrasive stone it may be Rs 12.00 Maximum. We hope this is much less then any other make. ( it may be around Rs 20 per 100 cft of metal ) These figures are the result of our observation with a particular stone, it may vary with other stones as per the density and hardness. This is given for your reference, and should not be treated as binding upon us in every respect.

Wear Cost per Ton ………………………..Rs 9.00………….(2)


      This plant should be made fully automatic, feeding, and Conveying must be with the help of conveyor belts. For a 50 tons per hour machine, Only one operator per shift, and 3 or 4 helpers per shift will be sufficient to run the machine.

Operator Salary (One operator)…………………..Rs 4000 per shift

Helper Salary (four Helpers)……………………Rs 10,000 per shift

This comes to total 14,000 Maximum. Which will come to Rs 1.4 per Ton.

Labor Cost per Ton………………………..Rs 1.4 ……..(3)


      The V.S.I Crusher is oil lubricated, the oil is required to be changed approximately 6 to 8 months. About 70 ltrs of oil is required each time. Which cost about Rs 4500.00 Which will come out per Ton Rs 0.08 ( Very negligible.) will be about Total will be about say Rs 0.08 per Ton.

Lubricating Cost per Ton comes to Rs 0.08 .............. (4)

Saving in Oil Lubrication Cost Compared to Grease Lubrication systems is about
Rs 1,15,000.00 per year. (Detail of this comparison is given on separate sheet) 3


     Thus the total Cost of Crushing one ton Metal comes to total of
1+2+3+4 items. = Power Charges + Wear Cost+ Labor charges + Lubricating Charges =
Rs 14.75+ Rs 9.00 + Rs 1.4 + Rs 0.08 = Rs 25.23 per Ton. Say Rs 25.5
Weight of One Cu Mtr metal is about 1600 Kg So Crushing Cost per Cu Mtr will be
Rs. 40.8 say Rs. 41.00
      If the cost of Stone is added to this cost, it will give the production Cost of the Metal.
(This figure is given for general idea, There may be some variation for place to place and stone to stone, so should not be taken as binding upon us in every respect.) If Generator is used for Power supply, Power charges may be taken some 20% higher side.

      We have full guarantee about our machines, so we give warrantee for three year, except bearings, Rubber parts, and Electrical Goods if any.
We hope this will give more idea about our machine. We assure you that our VSI Crushers and Rotopactors in no way have any thing less then any other make, but , have some specialty extra.
        Manufacturing cost of metal = Cost of the stone + cost of Crushing Assuming the cost of stone for one Cu Mtr metal Rs 75. There fore the Manufacturing Cost Comes to
Rs 75.00+ 41.0 = 116.0 per Cu Mtr. Direct Cost comes to 116.00 per Cu mtr
Which can be converted for 100 Cft ( per Brass) = 116.0X 2.8 = 324.8 Say Rs 325.00 per Brass. Selling Cost can be computed adding indirect cost and profit.

       Indirect Cost such as Salary of Supervisor, Telephone bill, Depreciation of the machine, Interest on the Total Investment Should be worked out for per ton.

•  Salary of Supervision .............................. Rs 3,500 per month
•  Telephone Bill (Minimum No out going) Rs 300.00 per month
•  Repair and Maintenance of the other Rs 3,625.00 Per month Items (given on separate sheet) •  Depreciation on Machine
    Total Cost Rs 15,00,000.00
    @25% per annum Rs 31,250.00 per month
•  Interest on the total investment
    And working Capital = 15,00,000.00 + 4,00,000.00 = 19,00,000.00 @ 16%

Per month .............................................. Rs 25,000.OO Per Month

Total indirect Expenses comes to                Rs 63,675.00per month

Assuming Daily production of 400 Tons Metal and 25 working Days comes to 10.OOOTons = 6250 Cu Mtr.
There fore indirect cost comes to (63,675 / 6250=) Rs 10.19 per Cu Mtr. Say Rs 10.2

Minimum Production Cost = Direct Cost + indirect Cost
                                     = Rs 116.0+Rs 10.2
                                     = Rs 126.2 Say Rs 127.00 per Cu Mtr.

So per Brass Manufacturing cost can be Rs 127 X 2.8= 355.6 Say Rs 356.00

      Generally Selling Cost of the Metal is about Rs 650 to Rs 700 per brass plus Carting Charges and for Grit Rs 200 per brass. There fore average selling cost comes to
650 X.6 + 200X.4 = Rs 470 Which can - yield a G.P Rs 114.00 per brass of crushing

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